Attempt Something So Great


Groundbreaking Ceremony

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Every generation in a local church should have the opportunity to attempt great things for the Kingdom of God.  This has been demonstrated by previous acts of this congregation when they willingly stepped out in faith even though all secular indicators said that was not the prudent path to take.  Our generation has the advantage of seeing what faithfullness looks like.  We walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before us and we trust that those who come after us will find that we too were faithful to the call of the Lord.

"Attempting Great Things" is not about building an attractive structure in downtown Huntsville, it's about expanding the reach of the Kingdom, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in new ways, and serving the needs of this congregation and of those who will come after us.  We will do this by replacing our existing Fellowship Hall and kitchen with a larger, more modern and user-friendly space.  We will reach outside of our walls to those men and women who are unchurched and offer a venue and ministry that will touch their hearts with the love of Christ.  We will expand our existing ministry to children and youth, and offer our space to fulfill community needs so we utilize our assets seven days a week.

The members of Central Presbyterian Church are about to attempt something so great that it is doomed to failure unless God is in it.  In order to achieve this we will need to be reminded once again that it is in our weakness that God demonstrates His strength.

You have the opportunity to be involved.  On our website you will find the "nuts and bolts" of this project": facts on the buillding, financial information, etc.  The most important information you will need is not online, it can only be found as you are on your knees before the Lord.  As a congregation that has been blessed with resources we have always sought to use them for His glory.  We now have an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Lord as we, like those who have gone before us, listen to Him and not to the world around us.  As you seek His will in prayer, I know that the Lord will reveal to you His perfect plan and your part in it.

In Christ,