How to Give


Pray individually and with your spouse about what the Lord would have you to give to His Kingdom and its ministry.  Attend group prayer gatherings regarding this campaign.

Read and Reflect

On the website is a 21 day devotional guide that will help you to study God's Word during this exciting time of preparation.  Reflect upon each day's scripture.

Pray about what amount of money over the next three years you desire to give

Pray if your gift is sacrificial.  Will the Lord be honored by your gift and your sacrifice?

Once you have sought the Lord's will in how you will give, you may submit your commitment card either by mail or in person on Commitment Sunday March 29, 2009.  We will celebrate what the Lord has done as we ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT!


Are you from out of town but would like to be involved with the campaign? Would you like to acknowledge something the Lord has done for you?  Looking to make a gift in the honor of a friend or loved one? Please contact the church office for more information on this or any other question you may have about giving to the Campaign.