Frequently Asked Questions


It is a 3 year capital stewardship campaign to raise funds to renovate the Cooper House across the street from the church on Randolph Avenue. These gifts will build an adjoining new addition, adding even more square footage for ministry


Why is this necessary?

Central has begun to grow out of our current facilities. The aging kitchen and fellowship hall need to be replaced for safety and health issues. More importantly, we are seeking to expand the ministry of Central Presbyterian Church to those who are the unsaved, the hurting and the oppressed.


Aren’t there enough church buildings downtown?

Yes, but Central does not presently have a contemporary building to attract young adults (age 20-35) and the Cooper House is in need of some repairs. The new facility will be in constant use for ministry and for community outreach.


Why are we doing this now?

In order to grow the church and its ministries the leadership has determined that we must move forward this year before BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) moves in and that the current building is no longer serving all the needs of Central. Essentially, things will either grow or they will stagnate.


Who else will benefit from ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT?

Not only will we expand our Youth and Preschool Ministries but we will also reach out to the young adults who are so often overlooked in the traditional church. Seniors will have these new handicap accessible facilities for meetings, classes and social events. All age groups of congregants and visitors will benefit from the modern kitchen and multi purpose room while church wide gatherings in the complex afford a large light- filled and inviting space.


Will we borrow any of the funds for the renovation and addition?

It is our intent to obtain a line of credit from a reputable banking institution to cover the day to day cost of building. Obviously, since ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT is a three year commitment not all the funds raised will be immediately available, therefore the line of credit.


What will the “old” fellowship hall and kitchen be used for?

Storage for administrative supplies, crafts, cleaning products and so forth. Minor cosmetic changes will be made for youth use.


When will the project start?

As soon as possible after Commitment Sunday.


Who will be in charge of this expansion?

J&H Partners and our contractor, all under the supervision of our construction team: Jim Batson, Jimmy Park, Sharon Dublin and Joan Warren.


Will there be transparency and accountability?

Yes, anytime anyone has any questions or concerns regarding how the funds are being used they are free to talk to Randy and he will direct you to the proper person to answer your individual questions.


Will the new facilities be extravagant?

No. The Cooper House and its addition will be sensitive to the downtown surrounding historical neighborhood but it is designed to be a tool for reaching people for Christ.


What is the timeline for this project?

While this may be subject to change, the entire process should take about 18 months.


How do I know what to give to the stewardship campaign?

First, commit to pray. You will have a 21 day Devotional Journal to help you to seek the Lord and how He would have you to give accordingly. The purpose is not what others expect of you in this, but what He would want you to give sacrificially to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


When do I make my commitment?

Commitment Sunday is March 29th, 2009. After a time of communication, education, challenge and prayer we will celebrate on this Sunday what the Lord will do with our gifts for His Kingdom.


How do I make a commitment?

You will be given a commitment card and privacy envelope in which to mail or turn in your stewardship commitment. This is between you, your spouse and the Lord and how He has led you to give.


What if my finances change?

This is not a legal contract and you may find that you are able to give more in the next few years or that your circumstances have changed and you must give less. But, it is a commitment to God and His church and should be honored as such.


How will they be made?

Stewardship gifts may be made weekly, monthly or annually over a three year period. You will find a commitment card in your Stewardship Campaign packet, or you can give online here.


What are you asking me to do?

Learn all you can about ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT, explore this website, attend any small group meetings, and any prayer gatherings to begin to recognize what God would have you to do for this ministry. Be in personal prayer and discussion at home and pray that the Lord will reveal what your part in this will be. A three year sacrificial commitment is over and above regular giving and is exactly what it implies-a sacrifice for the Lord to win souls for Him. King David expressed the heart of sacrificial giving when he said he would not give to God “offerings that cost me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24).

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