John 21:1-19 and Acts 2:1-41

At the last supper, Jesus spoke to His disciples about what was about to happen to Him. He told them in John 13 that He was going away, and where He was going they could not follow. Peter, loyal to a fault, denounced Jesus and said that he would follow Him to the grave. After hearing this, Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Him 3 times that very night! Of course, what Jesus says comes to pass, and following Jesus’ resurrection, Peter and Jesus have an intimate encounter where Christ restores Peter and essentially tells him that he is in charge now.

We see in the book of Acts that Peter soon becomes the voice of the early church, and under his leadership, the church experiences amazing growth. When did the breakthrough occur with Peter? After the Lord got his full attention, he commanded Peter and the others to wait on the Spirit. Before, Peter was quick to speak and quick to action, of his own accord. When the Spirit came, Peter was filled with the very Words of God. As believers, the breakthrough will occur when we pause and wait for the Spirit to work.

Prayer: Lord, give me patience as I wait for Your Spirit to work in me.  Help me to discern the difference between my desires and Yours.  Remind me that You are in charge.  Amen.

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