Hebrews 5:11-6:2

“Meat, it’s what’s for dinner!” Every time I hear that commercial I have a Pavlovian response; I immediately think that nothing will satisfy me but a thick juicy steak. My apologies to all you vegetarians.

The author of Hebrews loves meat and expects all believers to love meat as well. He isn’t talking about t-bones or filets; he is talking about the meat of God’s Word. The church he is addressing has had sufficient time to move from the elementary things to the deeper things. Unfortunately, they seem to be stuck in 3rd grade Sunday School class and they aren’t willing to move forward. Infants drink milk because that is all their bodies can tolerate and that is what they need more than anything. As they grow their diet changes to fit the needs of their bodies. The same is true of believers: milk (the easy stuff) when we are new believers and meat (the complicated stuff) as we mature. Not only should we desire the deeper things of the Word, but also our spiritual health demands that we consume them. We will never grow beyond what we learned about Christ when we were children if we don’t spend time reading and studying about the deeper things of Christ. The Word of God is rich and we are to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Meat, it’s what God has for you!

Prayer: God, grant me understanding of the deeper things of Your Word that I may grow and mature to become all You have for me.  Put a hunger in my heart that will only be fulfilled by Your Word.  I pray in the name of Jesus the Christ.  Amen.

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