John 4:34

There are those among us who can’t seem to sit still. They must have a task, assignment, or job to be about or it just drives them crazy. These are the people who can’t sit down and watch an entire movie, football game (even the Iron Bowl!) or who don’t even seem to be able to sit still long enough to watch Jeopardy! It’s not that they have the proverbial “ants in their pants” it’s just that they need to have their hands busy doing something; “down time” is not important to them or their down time is when they are sleeping.

Scripture is very clear concerning what we are to be about: we are to work the works of Christ while we are here. In our passage Jesus tells us it is His food to do the will of the Father. Now, I’m not about to say we need to spend every waking moment on the go; we all have different personalities and energy levels, but the real question for us is, “Is our food the will of God?” Do we love to walk in His will and do the things that please Him more than anything else in our lives? Christ calls us to greater action; in fact He told us that we, the Church, would do even greater things! There is no sitting still for the Lord. We will either move forward or we will stagnate – that applies to individuals and to churches.

Prayer:  Lord, shoe me where I need to move forward into areas I have been hesitant to go into and into ministries I have been unsure of.  Grant that I, and my church, would boldly for You and never be satisfied with stagnation.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.

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